Saturday, December 10, 2011

Today we realized a valuable lesson; if you fail to make a plan, you plan to fail! What a bummer to see we've been relaxing so much and meeting so many people from around the globe that we have more things we want to see and do than we have days left here! Yesterday was a calm day on the ocean so we made it on the snorkel tour. While the 5 year old stayed back at Kids Camp doing a treasure hunt with Bert & Ernie, the rest of us set out on the high seas. Something was different today for my 9 year old; I think because the ocean was so calm and crystal clear, she got a closer look at the underwater world and was a bit more intimidated than the day before. Unfortunately, all efforts to calm her down were unsuccessful, so Daddy swam with her back to the boat. For me, although PADI Certified, I was a little wary as well! Perhaps because I just saw the movie Soul Surfer, that may explain my rapid heart beat and deep breathing! On the other hand, my 8 year old son was a natural! Being the gentleman he is, he took me by the hand and swam me around showing me lion fish, sea urchins and eels. As I tried to convince myself nothing large enough to eat me could fit amongst the skinny paths and caverns of coral reef, my son was swimming along with "no worries 'mon!" Ugh, I get a queasy stomach just writing about it. Or could it be the fact I'm on a 50mph transfer ride on the opposite side of he road to Dunns River Falls! Speaking of the Falls, were off to "carpe diem"! All for now....

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