Saturday, December 10, 2011

A la Carte or All Inclusive? That is the question!

For many, the idea of taking a family vacation that requires a passport seems flamboyant or expensive at best. But the truth be told, all inclusive vacations can pack the best value for your hard earned dollar. Let's compare:
Take the classic American Vacation to see the big Mouse in Florida, for example. Your package will consist of air, Magical Express transfers and a room for your stay. Tickets to the theme parks are just the beginning of all the extras you'll incur. Do you want one park a day or an all access pass including water parks? If you skimp here, guaranteed you'll want more Mickey and therefore drop more Benjamins. And of course, you'll need to eat so that brings up the question of how much? Do you go a la carte or prepay a meal plan? Meal plan? Make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach or else you'll have wasted precious moolah you'll be needing for souvenirs. Afterall, ALL the kids are wearing Mouse ear hats and waving wands ensuring all their dreams come true! Although an American tradition for many, lets face it; with all these questions, hypothetical scenarios, and preplanning, I'm sure you'll, like many parents, wave your white surrender flag in exasperation! ...And that's when you call on me to give you alternate options!

As my husband and I were planning out all the Jamaican adventures we wanted to take in, he stopped me and asked a great question, "What's included at the Resort? I mean, do we really need to even leave it?" Why yes, excellent point! At Beaches Resorts, like their parent company, Sandals, love is all you need because, everything's included! Upon our arrival, we have complimentary snacks and beverages (including Red Stripe!) in the private Sandals & Beaches lounge at the airport. From there, a private transfer will whisk you off to Paradise. After your transfer you'll be greeted by a friendly host at the door who will offer you a cool towel infused with Lemongrass, their signature Red Lane Spa scent. Chances are you'll be offered a beverage, but no worries 'Mon it's all included! "Mom let's go snorkeling!", "I want to go play Kinetics!", "I'm hungry! Do they serve pizza in Jamaica?", "Dad can we go golfing tomorrow?" Did you know that if you answered yes to all of these questions it wouldn't cost a thing? Thats right! They also boast the island's largest waterpark, XBox Game Garage, Kids Club including Sesame Street characters who will visit at breakfast, Elmo-cize on the beach, bake cookies with Cookie Monster, start a parade at dusk, host an excellent Caribbean party, and even tuck your child in with a bedtime story! In fact, at Beaches they boast of being the resorts with "more inclusions than any other on the PLANET!" And as a parent I can appreciate that because we're in the business of making memories, NOT having a family meeting by day 2 to talk about our budget!

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