Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 2; Sunday Funday!

Day 2 began after the entire family slept in over 10 hours! Wow did that feel good! Today we decided was the day we'd explore the resort on our own (since we missed the tour). We made one rule: no tears while on vacation and as parents, we'd try not to use the word 'no' if at all possible. Of course, manners and respect were still part of the deal, but we weren't going to be strict because afterall, we're on vacation!! I challenged Eero (8) to eat his weight in ice cream this week which he happily agreed to! So we ate jerk burgers and local fare like akee and salt fish, explored the ocean and swam at the waterpark, listened to stories with Elmo, played Kinetics and sang karaoke! The kids met other kids from Kingston, Brazil and even Cuba and became fast friends! Dad taught one how to play pool while I got an upper body workout catching the little ones coming down the waterslide.When dinner came we allowed dessert first and encouraged them to dance on the stage to the music while all the other pierced lipped parents cringed with disapproval and then horror when their kids joined in. Eventually they loosened up when the nostalgia of the Sesame Street music reeled them back to the days where "everything's A-ok!" We got our pictures taken with the characters and even spun a few ballet moves with Zoe! Upon retiring to our room, we found our concierge had turned down our beds and left us a fun towel animal along with a four page newsletter of all the happenings that were available (for NO additional fee) tomorrow!

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