Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It seems like every few months, a new travel app comes out, or some new website pops up promising the best deals ever.  And while certainly technology can make many things about travel more organized, the secret to the best trip of your life has been around much longer than online travel sites. Because the secret to an awesome trip isn’t an app — it’s a human being.

Your Travel Agent has got the experience, the know-how, and the connections to help you design and plan a vacation that will create the best memories of your life. Here’s just a few of the things that make your Travel Agent the key to the perfect trip.

Your agent can save you time — like hours and hours of research, phone calls, emails, and online searching.

She’s the one who knows the best spots to catch that breathtaking sunset on the beach. He’s got the inside scoop on which resorts give the best bulk discounts. She’s tracked the best time to look for plane or train or ferry tickets to your dream destination. She’s the one who knows when the crush of tourists will let up enough to allow you the most authentic experience possible. He’s got the answers to all those nitpicky questions about openings and closures, vaccination requirements and necessary documents, local customs and dress codes.

Your agent has access to deals and bookings that are not available to the general public, and sometimes can even snag free upgrades for you.

People often assume that using a Travel Agent is more expensive than planning a trip on your own, and they are skeptical that hiring an agent can actually save them money. But this is the key: your agent has connections that you don’t. They have the inside track. The deals you spot on a website might be great — but they are also hit-and-miss, and they may or may not be in the sweet spot of what you’re looking for. So you might get a great deal on a hotel, but it might also be miles away from where you most wanted to stay. Your agent knows exactly where to go to find the deals — and has access and the ability to find bargains that line up with your ideal vacation.

If you’re planning a group trip, your agent is indispensable.

Who else can find a way to accommodate health concerns, a variety of dietary preferences, and the needs of children, adults, and seniors on one amazing trip? Who else can make sure that the aunts who are best friends get adjoining rooms? Who else can ensure that all 16 of you get an unforgettable experience? All the details that give most of us headaches — these are the very things that a good agent thrives on taking care of and providing.

Many agents are on call 24/7 while you are traveling.

There really is no price you can put on this kind of assurance and help. If you find yourself in Munich and you left your medications on the train, your agent can help you get set up again. If your passport gets stolen, your agent can help you get a replacement. If an emergency comes up and you need to re-route your trip, your agent is the one who can make those arrangements so you don’t have to stress about it.

For most agents out there, planning trips is so much more than just a job. They love what they do. They’re genuinely passionate about great travel. They love people, and they love creating the vacations that live on and on in fond memories and family conversations.  I would love to help you plan the trip of a lifetime,click here to head over to my website and send me an email or give me a call and let’s get started! 



P.S. Do you have a friend or family member who loves to travel?  Please forward them this read and let them know how a Travel Agent can help them have the best trip of their life.  Afterall, the Internet is for LOOKING & your Travel Agent is for BOOKING!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

For Savvy Brides ONLY

As I wrap up another Duluth Bridal Show weekend, after meeting hundreds of brides to be and seeing old friends there with their younger siblings or elated besties, I'm reeled back in time to when I was a newly engaged bride to be myself! 16 years ago I had stars in my eyes and nothing but pure bliss simply with idea of getting married. I remember pouring over the Internet (dial up of course!) for hours as I searched and clicked on the Top 10s of virtually everything Bridal. With blood shot eyes and a notebook full of ideas I would slip off to sleep and dream of the "Big Day"! I even kept out of town guests in the loop with a newsletter!

Thankfully since then I've adopted a simpler and smarter way of doing things. In fact the motto I hold near and dear to my heart is: 'Do what you do best and hire the rest'. This way of life has saved me from frustrations and expensive mistakes of trying to do everything myself, not to mention the stress I've avoided along the way. Brides take heed: planning for your wedding day is NOT the time to play SuperWoman! There are experts out there in all things Bridal just waiting for you to tap into their super powers! I know you can bake but really, do you want to risk baking cupcakes for every single guest on your list? And we know you're quite the photographer from your 1.2 million mobile uploads on Facebook. Ironically enough, there are just as many brides to be who think they can be the travel agent as well when it comes to blocking hotel space for out of town guests and booking their Honeymoon. Why would you WANT to do it all? Will you really save that much money? Don't you want to relax and ENJOY your first day of the rest of your life? The Duluth Bridal Show is an invaluable resource.  Talk to the experts, sample their cupcakes, look at their photos and then decide for yourself just how much you want to DIY or relax knowing you don't have to come from Royalty to have your own 'happily ever after'. In the end, 16 years later, what I remember is not what I did myself, but what the experts did. The delicious (and gorgeous) carrot spice cake with sinfully good cream cheese frosting, my simple yet elegant wedding gown and the professional photo album; these are just a few of what I will cherish forever.

Did you miss the show this weekend?  Still need to plan your Honeymoon? I'd love to chat with you!  Feel free to call or email to set up your FREE 30 minute consultation.  It'll be the easiest and most fun part of planning your Big Day!  

Jennifer Maki of Divine Destinations designs unforgettable romantic encounters for you and your loved one to cherish for years to come. Whether it's your first or fifty first vacation, trust the expert, Jennifer Maki, at Divine Destinations to ensure your escape is fun, stress free and memorable.  Let's connect! 218/348-2825 or  Jennifer@4divinedeals.com 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

We Just Got Back!

Dear Jen,

Thank you very much for recommending the Montego Bay Riu Palace - IT WAS
WONDERFUL!  Only about 15 minutes from the airport, how nice is that?!  From
the moment we arrived we were treated like royalty. 
As you know, my husband has health problems, so your special request got us a ground level floor. 

You go left you were at the beach you go right out to the lobby where they had computers, a
beautiful, gift shop and right out the front door was the ocean, swimming pools, and restaurants.  We had everything right there!

Every single person that worked there was helpful, nice and had knowledge
about the resort and surrounding areas.  They had three beautiful bars, plus
your room was stocked with a bar and fridge and was replenished ever day!
The food was fabulous and the restaurants were great.  They had lots of
activities, pool volley ball, aerobics, workout room - we never left the

It was truly the best vacation I have ever been on.  As you know, I travel
quite frequently and this hotel is head and shoulders above the rest.  Thank
again Jen, you will be booking this hotel for us again!