Saturday, December 3, 2011

Maki Family Vacation

Family Vacation 12/2/11

This vacation was SO overdue! As they say, the shoe makers kids never have any shoes, well the vacation specialists kids complain they never get a vacation! I can't say their wrong or even ungrateful; afterall, it has been about two years since the last time we all jet set to somewhere warm! As a vacation specialist, I have the wonderful opportunity to visit exotic islands filled with palm trees, adventure, relaxation and some pretty amazing sunsets quite often, but because it's for work, my family is rarely welcomed. This trip however, is for family and I wanted to make it the most memorable as possible!

We began by surprising the kids with an early pickup from school with Elmo! Since we're staying at a Beaches resort where Elmo and the gang reside, I figured it most fitting. Although my 4th grader was a little embarrassed to have the red furry monster escort her and her younger siblings out of school, her demeanor changed as soon as she saw the shiny black Hummer limo welcoming our family complete with the red carpet and all! As Elmo hugged each of us before helping us into our stylish ride, the masses still outside for recess bid us farewell. Inside we were welcomed with balloons, champaign, pop and snacks along with festive Christmas music, compliments of An Escape Limousine. And what an escape it was!

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