Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the official kickoff to summer and a time to remember those who fought for our freedom. It's almost over.  As we eagerly anticipated it's arrival by planning the camping trip or opening of the cabin to the packing list and obsessing over the weekend forecast (Can it be true?? 80s all weekend without rain?!?!) It's almost over.  This got me thinking....time is fleeting.  What are you doing with your time? Are you spending it with family and friends or has the internet or XBox 1become your BFF?  If you have children, you may have realized you only have 18 summers with them before they are gone.  If you've lost a loved one you know all too well the time you had was precious, however, cut short nonetheless.  

As we fill our summer calendars with soccer practice, baseball games, summer camps and whatever else we can find to busy ourselves and children with, I propose a challenge:  Instead of forking over hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, for all these things to keep the kids busy this summer, why not plan a family vacation?  You could even make it a family affair by getting everyone in on the fun!  Decide as a family the budget, where to go and start planning! It doesn't have to be extravagant but it does need to happen.  We are only here a short time but what we do while we are here is all that matters.  Start making memories with the ones you love NOW!  If you need some inspiration, give us a call or check out our website for some fun or unexpected destinations.  Is this the year you finally take the kids to see Mount Rushmore or maybe swim with dolphins in the Caribbean? That is the question and therefore the challenge.  Are you up for it? 

Jennifer Maki, owner of Divine Destinations, is the chief memory maker and self professed Destination Diva!  Trust her to handle your most precious commodities: time and money!  She will design a fabulous vacation that you will treasure for years to come!  Are you a Veteran or Active Military?  Divine Destinations proudly offers 10% off to you and your family on many venues, be sure to ask us about it! 218/348-2825 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


If you must leave Jamaica, THIS is the ONLY way to do it. 

If you've traveled internationally even once, you know what a circus it can be. Imagine crowds of people from different tongues, a sea of suitcases, sunburnt and dreading the return to home, wherever that may be. There are long lines to wait in and confusion of how to print a boarding pass, it's not a place for the timid and mind you, you haven't even began the TSA screen process!

Enter Club MoBay.  This is a little piece of heaven within one of the busiest leisure airports in the world.  Club MoBay is right before you enter the intrusive TSA lines, after you've dropped your luggage and printed your boarding passes.  The representative will ESCORT you through the lines, bypassing the crowds and saving those precious last few hours of your time in Jamaica. From here they will bring you to a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the airport's fast food eateries and shopping kiosks.  It is here you are welcomed with a warm Jamaican smile and a buffet of appetizers, open bar, wifi and of course, comfy seating areas to watch tv on the big screens. 


This is perfect whether traveling solo or with a group.  Want a massage? Need a shower? It's all here! For a minimal cost, you can have this experience and feel like a VIP as well.  Just announced, Diners Club, certain airline partners and more will be able to access Club MoBay as part of their membership benefits.  In Jamaica, they never say goodbye, they say, "soon come back"!  

Jennifer Maki, Destination Diva for Divine Destinations, has traveled the world extensively from Alaska to Antigua and proudly claims the title as Diva because of her expertise. Life is hard; travel shouldn't be. Call on the expert, or Diva, when you need a vacation.  Jennifer will ensure you'll have a Divine Destination! or @4divinedeals on twitter or 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

All all inclusives are NOT created equal!

What is the definition of an all inclusive? Typically, it means that you have your food and beverages, even alcohol included for one package price.  Some resorts go a bit further and include water sports while others include nightly entertainment.  The most inclusive of them all will include everything listed above and then including taxes.  And then there's SANDALS & BEACHES!


Sandals & Beaches are the most inclusive in the all inclusive arena offering MORE inclusions than any resort on the PLANET!  Not only do they offer MORE, but the MORE that they offer are high quality, luxury inclusions.  In what ways?  I'm so glad you asked!

1. Accommodations
The accommodations are larger offering Serta sleeper beds and the most delicious pillows you ever set your head on.  The luxurious in room toiletries, branded Red Lane Spa, and the soft robes and slippers go hand in hand like chocolate and Blue Mountain coffee, which you will also find in your room and brewed throughout the resort.

2. Food
With as many as 19 restaurants to chose from per resort, the only question will be, "what's for dinner?".  The Signature Discovery Dining program allows you to dine around the world quite literally.  Sandals employs an Executive Chef who is native for that cuisine. For example, if you are craving true Thai food, rest assured, Apple straight from Thailand, will have trained the cooks how to prepare authentic entrees and all at no additional charge.  My personal favorite is Febrezio, Executive Chef at Marios in La Toc.  Not only is he a handsome young gent from Italy, he's a heck of a chef as well!

3. Beverages
They say at Sandals, "Jimmy, Johnny, Jack and all their friends are here!"  Wine lover? Beringer flows 24/7. Prefer the nonalcoholic approach? Here you will find the freshest smoothies, juices and even a self serve unlimited ice cream station.  My favorite part about Sandals & Beaches is the simple fact that they all are located in regions where water is at it's purist right from the tap!  Prefer a bottle, no worries, it's all included.

4. Water sports
Did you know that some resorts offer water sports such as SCUBA diving but actually charge for it?  Others even charge a fee to rescue you!  The highly trained staff not only will show you how to use the equipment properly, they will also keep an eye on you to be sure you are fully enjoying yourself and won't need to be rescued.  As far as SCUBA diving goes, they own their own Newton Dive boats, the best in  the industry, and offer you up to two dives daily.  This isn't only for the big fish either, small fish as young as 8 years old can partake as well.  Water slides or lazy rivers more your style? They have those too.  Snorkel, paddle board, waterskiing, Hobie Cats and more are also all a part of the all inclusive package price.

5. Staff
I would say one of the biggest feathers in the Sandals & Beaches hat would be their staff.  Where else can a staff member put a smile on your face from the gardener to the front desk worker to the management staff.  No one esteems themselves higher than the other which is why you will often times see the managers "caught" working other jobs like greeting guests or even refer-erring beach volleyball matches!

So the next time you consider an all inclusive, remember, they are NOT created equally!  As a Jamaican Specialist and Certified Sandals Specialist be sure to book your next vacation through Divine Destinations! Not only will you be assured the perfect resort and room category, but you will also be insured extra special amenities not offered or even available to those who book online or elsewhere. So if you want service before, during and after the vacation, remember the internet is for looking and your Destination Diva at Divine Destinations is for booking!