Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sister Sites

Today while the kids were at Kids Camp making cookies with Cookie Monster and dancing with Zoe and my husband was making friends with ALL the Canadians at the resort, I snuck out and took a peek at the sister resorts here in Ocho Rios. My first stop was at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios. My, what a lovely makeover she has just completed! As the largest resort in the chain, boasting almost 600 rooms, 94 pools, 14 restaurants and a plethora of bars, this I'm sure was no easy feat! My tour began as we walked the property and noticed all the people in love! It was like Noahs Ark; everything set up two of this and two of that. Even the beach loungers were two by two! I saw the 7 areas where weddings are held and the corresponding areas for a reception afterwards. Whether a group of 4 or 104, this property could easily handle the most important day of any newlywed's lives. I moved on to see the rooms with their new soft coverings and toned down color pallet. Out with the bold Caribbean colors and in with the muted earth tones accented with treasures from the sea. Mr Stewart didn't hold back when he ensured every room had a gorgeous mahogany four poster king bed! It took all my will power NOT to jump on one (just once!) For the active couple, a state of the art fitness center is sure to please and Jamaicas largest rock climbing wall will have you longing for the Red Lane Spa. Golf? Included. Drinks? Included. Gourmet Restaurants? Included. In fact, the only question will be, "where shall we eat tonight?". It was plain to see there truly was something for everyone at this diverse resort.

Next stop was Royal Plantation next door. This boutique resort has won numerous awards from Conde Nest and it was apparent as soon as I walked in! This all butler resort caters to the person who wants it all! To begin your vacation, a private transfer from the airport is included. All rooms have ocean views, even from the jacuzzi bath tub! Grand balconies grace a few of the rooms where your personal butler can serve your breakfast or even a romantic candle light dinner. I saw many basking in the sun while reading their Kindles and simply enjoying the good life. People here were not interested in tours or the hustle and bustle atmosphere that the neighboring Sandals had. If after martinis or even caviar one was so inclined to kick up their heels, of course they could go next door and enjoy the nightlife. But after a full tour including breathtaking views and incredible wedding locations, I'm not sure anyone would want to leave this memorable place!

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