Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dunns River Falls

So in our attempt to "carpe diem" we shuffled our family of 5 off to Dunns River Falls for a few hours of exhilarating family bonding. And did we bond! Our family, plus many more totaling over 30 in all, bonded our hands to form a human chain as we began our asent. Beginning at the beach, we climbed for over 45 minutes including several falls and even a few "slides". Along the way we had some photo opps to remind ourselves how brave we were. I think I may even use it as our Christmas card this year! I'll be honest, there were a few moments that made my heart race and other times where I doubted my ability and certainly my 5 year old! With trust in each person whose hand we're holding and of course the helpful guides, we made it to the top! The large congratulating sign was euphoria!

After the climb, which involved negotiations with our anatomy and even psyche at times, our guard was let down as we walked our way back to the bus. We clearly had two paths to choose from and were even advised to stay clear of the craft market. But like Adam & Eve, we were led astray and soon were haggled, hustled and even had words hurled at us for not buying from the vendors. Every trick in the book was used; from saying they were a worker at the resort we stayed at to offering to give the kids a gift. Once the "gift" was personalized and in the children's hands, they demanded obscene amounts of money. Since when does a 3" wooden turtle cost $30? Furthermore, when do gifts cost money? No 'Mon, I don't think so. The best part of the whole deal is that I tell my clients to beware of the craft market and shop the Duty Free or even when the vendors visit the resort. It's no wonder we felt like we had just been through the ringer with an afternoon filled with one adrenaline rush after the next!

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