Monday, September 30, 2013

Sandals Grande Antigua

In simply 15 minutes you can be transferred from the airport to the amazing Sandals Grande Antigua.  You can almost feel the tension and stress of daily life evaporate from your soul as you enter the open air foyer.  Although stately and grand, it's not aloof.  In fact, they sing to guests coming, going and passing by. I was staying in the Mediterranean Village so I had a grand view of the resort and the ocean.  My room also had an enormous balcony which proved to be a great place to enjoy a glass of wine while catching up with friends and family on social media and uploading photos my fans could covet! It also produced spectacular sunsets!

We spent most of our free time in the pool where we soaked up the South East Caribbean sunshine and indulged in frozen mojitos, dirty monkeys and Bloody Mary's complete with Scotch Bonnet, a common spice in the Caribbean which makes jalapeños seem like green peppers! While in the pool we met Honeymooners, Vow Renewal-ers, Wedding parties and other people like ourselves who were taking advantage of the great rates due to "hurricane season".  Some came from the Midwest while others were from the East coast and still others were local!

The food was always amazing; I was never disappointed.  From the pizza at Napolis to the seafood at Barefoot by the Sea, I always left saying that was the best dinner yet....until tomorrow of course!  After all of this dining, we headed over to the Drunken Duck pub where the DJs got us moving.  Dance lessons were given freely by the playmakers and trust me, this little white girl needed to take notes on some of the moves.  Those poor playmakers.....

For the explorer in you, St John's is only a 10 minute cab ride or you can rent a car.  We walked the beach and looked at local vendor's shops and even swung through the local watering hole.  It was fun to hang with the locals.  No discriminating.  No judging.  No worries.

Although not the easiest airlift from the Midwest, Antigua truly is the Gem of the Caribbean!  I would encourage you to consider a longer stay even a split stay to soften the jet lag of travel time.  All these details of course can be handled by myself, the Diva, who has afterall, been there done that. :) 

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