Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hawaii of the Caribbean, Sandals Grande St Lucian

Sandals Grande St Lucian

Hawaii is on many people's bucket list but St Lucia may not be.  As one who has traveled to Hawaii numerous times, I'm here to tell you that St Lucia is the Hawaii of the Caribbean!  From the turquoise water to the majestic views and abundant flora, not only does it look and feel like Hawaii, it is an incredible value!  And THAT is a bonus for engaged couples since St Lucia is known as the Honeymoon capital! Coming from the Midwest, it is a shorter flight. Once on island you'll find friendlier people. And when staying at the luxury included Sandals properties, your hard earned vacation dollars will go much further since love is all you need; the rest is included!

Once you arrive at Sandals Grande St Lucian, you will be awestruck by the open aired foyer that leads to the most stunning views of the ocean.  I felt like a tourist with the ridiculous amount of pictures I took, but I couldn't believe how beautiful it was and how much it felt like Hawaii; Maui to be specific.  I was greeted with a huge Caribbean hug from the Hotel Manager, Jacque, who proceeded to give me a tour.  He showed me the latest renovations and restaurants to the numerous pools including the "lovers pool" which is heart shaped. We toured the rondavol suites and dined at the infamous Gordon's on the Pier.  While only a business dinner for us, it was clearly the place to have that intimate dinner to pop the question or celebrate a milestone. He showed me how this resort is perfect for social groups with it's upbeat atmosphere. For those looking to tie the knot it boasts impressive ballrooms and has plenty of space to host incentive groups as well. Alternatively, this resort is also a nice fit for people who are loking for that stretch of white powder beaches to simply unplug and get lost in the Caribbean vibe while perfecting their tan.   There are eight dining options here and new to Sandals, the uber convenient Continental breakfast each morning. Again, being a part of the sister properties it's a shuttle ride away from the other Sandals  just 15-30 minutes down the road increasing your dining options to 22!

Something I found interesting was how they take Concierge and Butler guests on a little extra trip like hike up to the National Park complete with a picnic lunch. This is just another example of how Sandals has more inclusions than any other resort on the planet!


Whether celebrating your Honeymoon, Milestone Anniversary, special promotion at work or just want to get away to the exotics with your BFFs, Sandals Grande St Lucian is the place to be! 

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