Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Don't Need No Rocking Chair!

Senior Travel by Jen Maki of Divine Destinations

Seniors.  Retired. Empty Nesters. These are just a few words used to describe people who are living in their “Golden Years”.  So, once in your Golden Years, what does one do?  Most of the retired people I talk to these days tell me they are busier now than they’ve ever been!  So then, what are they busy doing? Among many things, they are TRAVELING!  In this piece I’ll tell you about a few hot spots the Empty Nesters are flocking to!

There are many choices but for most Seniors I’ve found they like to “ease into” the Retirement mode.  For those Seniors that still don’t feel comfortable leaving the kids and grandkids for too long I have found a popular getaway is a quick 3-4 weekend to dry arid climates like Nevada or Arizona.  With nonstop flights offered out of Duluth on Allegiant & Sun Country, you can be in your Mukluks at Noon in Duluth and in your flip-flops by 2pm in Phoenix!  While in Phoenix you can golf to your heart’s content or rent a car and go to the Grand Canyon just three hours away.  Perhaps you would rather gamble? Packages are available starting most weeks for as little as $269/pp for a 3 day getaway or $299 for a 4 day escapes to nostalgic Laughlin!  Air, transfers, baggage handling and your room are all included in this price and it’s per person.  There’s a $50 single supplement fee if you haven’t yet found your own wanderlust buddy!

Bus Trip anyone?  What could be more low key, stress free and require no passport than a Bus Trip?  With several itineraries to choose from ranging from the Smoky Mountains to the Cherry Blossoms, there is always a new adventure awaiting you!  While most itineraries include the deluxe motor coach, hotel, taxes, a welcome reception the first night, most meals, [including a farewell dinner] you can’t leave your wallet at home or your bank account empty! 

Feeling generous? Want something more exotic? Have you considered the allure of Multigenerational travel?  Jet-set to the islands where you can have everything included! This is a genius way to perform a family reunion as well.  Everyone is contained in the same general area, no one has to cook or clean and you are free to do whatever!  They have pools, kids clubs, spas, fitness centers and even a nightclub ON SITE! As a bonus of traveling as a group there is special amenities we can provide at no additional cost such as: adjoining rooms, welcome gifts upon check in, group welcome reception, photo opp, picnics, farewell dinner with cake and even help you to arrange for special tours!  Can you imagine the memories you could make swimming with the dolphins or riding horses in the ocean with your kids and grandkids? 

Jen Maki of Divine Destinations delivers travel dreams on a daily basis to her clients.  She’s available to chat with you about your dreams and help you design your Divine Destination! 218/348-2825 or 

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