Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Global Entry in Action

Global Entry & TSA PreCheck

After traveling thousands of miles and standing in lines for hours this past year, I have finally had the opportunity to use my Global Entry pass!  While not beneficial for domestic travel, it can virtually eliminate any fears you may have of Customs agents, long lines and ultimatley, missed connections!  At only $20 a year it's the best investment I've made when it comes to travel (aside from my ZAGG keyboard which allows me to continue talking even at 10,000 feet!) Today I deplaned in San Juan and when I went through Customs, there was my entire flight in line waiting while I sauntered to the Global Entry line in true diva style! There was no one else there which meant no waiting; I was through customs in under five minutes!  Compare that to Miami last March where I spent almost three hours waiting in line!

Next stop: TSA.  You know what they say , "You can't see London, you can't see France until TSA sees your underpants!!" Well, one of the benefits of being a trusted traveler is to have a bright green check mark on the top of your boarding pass that signifies you are a goody two shoes.  With this stamp of approval, you get a designated TSA security line which again, I had all to myself.  This not only made it more comfortable, but I also didn't have to completely disrobe or go through the "pat down" process.  The only offense was to have my hands swabbed.  Within 30 seconds the machine told the agent I was clean, so off I went into the sunset of Concorse A to board my oversold flight!

Do you have Global Entry? What are you waiting for? If you have it, what do you like most about it?

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