Friday, August 23, 2013

Westin Downtown Minneapolis

Well the dogs days of summer are dangerously close to an end!  Football season has begun, the Back To School ads are as annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard and people are beginning to think about their winter escapes!  So today I am going to a travel trade show in Minneapolis to learn the latest and greatest in the wonderful world of travel, like: how to have great groups, how to build unique and memorable vacation experiences, the magic of family travel and many more topics that are positioned to help me truly be your Destination Diva, not just some hobbyist who books travel from their living room in yoga pants between episodes of Desperate Housewives.  Although, truth be told, some days you will find me hard at work in yoga pants; after all, I own two pairs and they've NEVER seen the inside of a yoga studio!

As I put my trust in Siri, I am led to the front steps of the stately downtown Westin on 6th Street, which is within walking distance of the Minneapolis Convention Center where my show will be held.  As I pepper the valet guys with questions, I quickly realize this is the best deal since premixed mojitos and allow them to park my tropical Sandals wrapped vehicle.  Ryan Mosbrucker, the valet driver, had a good sense of humor and although he may have wanted to park a Porshe instead of this Caribbean cutie, he didn't let on at all. 

The foyer is grand and as I pass by the lobby bar, eclectic yet metro sexy is the dominant theme in this First Class downtown hotel. 

I walk in and the front desk worker, Bjorn welcomes me with his million dollar smile.

He advises me that my requested room isn't quite ready (I arrived two and a half hours early) but offered to stow my bags until I could be checked in.  I decided to catch up on voicemails and email while I wait.  In less than 20 minutes, my room not only was available, he upgraded me to a "Returning Guest Room".  Yes, this was my first time to stay at THIS Westin, however, it is part of the StarWood Family, therefore, all my stays add up and I am rewarded with nice gestures like this.

Before I ascend to my room, the wine snob in me is drawn to their wine vault. In all my travels I've never seen anything like this!

I make my way to my ginormous room via the room key controlled guest elevator.  My view isn't grand, but who goes to a hotel in Minneapolis hoping for a view??  

Instead, I shut the mesh curtains to soften the city scape which this country girl is NOT used to seeing.  I can hear the heavenly bed whispering to me...oh what a temptress she is!  Soon enough I will be getting some zzzzzs on the infamous Heavenly Bed by Westin but not before I lounge around in my Heavenly Robe.  After all, one needs to relax as much as possible while on a little one night retreat.  For $5, I could've ditched the workout bag and ordered my Westin Workout which includes shoes and fitness clothes by New Balance!  Who knew? I bet if I ask they even have a 5k loop mapped out.

Well, all for now.  It's time to head to the convention and learn some new and exciting tips, tricks and information so I can stay on top of the fast moving world of travel and be sure to continue delivering you first class service when you chose to trust your vacation to Divine Destinations!

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