Sunday, December 14, 2014

These Are a Few Of Our Favorite Things

I've compiled a list of travel must haves.  I hope this will inspire you to travel better, lighter and even more fun by incorporating some of my tried and true must haves.  These also make great gifts for that favorite vagabond on your list - just click the links to learn more!

Bigger is NOT always better; in luggage especially.  With the weight restrictions these days, the overage charges are another way to make your cheap ticket not such a great deal.  This little guy packs a lot of punch in style, versatility and durability.  Bonus: you can easily stow this puppy in the overhead compartment.

I travel alone many times a year and personal safety is a priority.  A friend showed me once what easy targets women are: we are preoccupied with fumbling around for things in our purse like keys and phones and often times we become the victim.  This bag allows for me to have both hands free in the event I need them to fend off bad guys or simply cradle that coveted Skinny Mocha Grande No Whip from Starbucks at 00 dark thirty.  Bonus: the three compartments hold everything from an iPad, keys, money and cell phones without the bulk or mess of a purse.

No one likes the way you feel after waking up in a hotel especially after you erronously set the thermostat before hitting the hay.  Cough cough, ugh, I think I feel a cold coming on just thinking of that.  Enough said.  Bonus: these little gems travel well and are easy to use since all they run on is bottled water found in your hotel refridgerator

There is nothing worse than running low on juice especially in airports without the luxury of multiple power stations. Luckily, you can tote some extra juice of your own these days.  I prefer the block which will charge all devices.  Bonus: these are small in size and price but mighty in performance!

                                        5. Travel Pillow
 Some people can get amazing amounts of work done on the flight.  I seem to  turn narcoleptic unless I have a chatty neighbor or am sitting in Economy  Comfort.  One too many times of waking up on the shoulder of the guy      next to me (akward) has made this on my list of must haves. Bonus: you can    inflate & deflate quickly making this one less accessory to deal with while boarding the plane.

6. Poopouri My Mom bought this for me as a stocking stuffer one year.  Like many of her other quirky gifts, it sat in the gift graveyard; I didn't understand its value.  She asked me one day if I took it on my recent trip.  She expanded to tell me it is the best at covering up the smell after I go poo.  Bonus: You have to watch the video to truly understand - click the link! 

                  7. Wisps
After countless coffees and perhaps a celebratory Bloody Mary my breath is well, you get the picture.  Without water, I can quickly wisp away the stains, furry feeling and smells of bad breath before landing.  Bonus: readily available and travel well in purse or outside carry on pocket 

8. Pashina/Wrap
Gone are the days of a blanket on every seat of the airplane.  A Pashina or convertible wrap keeps you cozy on the flight and in the boardroom you may be traveling to which you know is almost making snow the A/C is set so low!  Bonus: these are way more practical than bringing along a stadium blanket; save that for the game.

9. Leggings
Not a staple in my everyday wardrobe, however, if it's winter, you'll find these under my maxidress.  These hideous leg coverings (sorry I hate leggings) keep me warm between wicked midwest winter weather and the ocean breezes of Paradise.  Bonus: these are easily slipped off in the bathroom and stowed in your carryon.  Yes, bathroom.  Please do your neighbor a favor and do this in private.

Why use two (or ten) when one will suffice?  I recently traveled with a friend who carried her phone, laptop, tablet, kindle, files, notebooks, books and full size calculator.  She probably had more in that ginormous bag, but I stopped at calculator because I was in disbelief.  It was a teachable moment (between outbursts of laughter) to show her that "there's an app for that".  Download the app and ditch the rest for traveling.  Find books and audio books to download and bring with you. Bonus: if you want to save a few bucks and borrow vs buy, the library (yes they still exist) carries many free downloadable books.  Check out the Overdrive for 14 day lending options.

Jennifer Maki, Destination Diva at Divine Destinations, cuts through the clutter of online vacation planning and obscure traveler ratings by using her industry expertise, first hand knowledge of the products and relationships with the resort management.  If you want the best vacation with the greatest value: call us at 218/348-2825 or follow us on twitter @4divinedeals


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