Saturday, December 27, 2014

How To Save $36,567 On Your Next Vacation!

Everyone wants to travel, but it amazes me when I hear savvy people complain about the extras they had to pay for their travels.  Here are a few ideas to save some cashola on your next trip to help become the seed money for your next Divine Destination!

        1. Book the package deal, not a la carte and book it EARLY!

 You can save up to 30% or more simply by buying the full meal deal.  Nothing says "nickle & dimed" more than the deal you thought you got online.  How?  Upon checking in you realize you need to pay for your carry-on, yes, even your backpack!  Secondly, after arriving in the destination you realize you are on your own to hail a taxi to your resort but your (insert foreign language of choice) is less than stellar.  Once you've settled in and made friends at the swim-up bar you realize they booked six months earlier than you and saved mucho dinero.  #buzzkill  Potential savings $500


          2.  Pack in a carry on


       Better yet, love them & leave them.  Pack clothes that you would've given to the Goodwill next season, wear them one last time and leave them for the maid to re purpose as she pleases.  This will now free up your carry on to ship home souvenirs and avoid the costly luggage fees. Potential savings $75


             3Travel with a empty water bottle


       By traveling with an empty water bottle you can fill it up AFTER you get through TSA.  This will keep you hydrated and avoid the drying effects of airplane air in addition to saving you on the venti mocha grande from the name brand coffee house. Potential savings $7


                      4. Bring snacks

      Did you know that some airlines have pulled back as far as not serving snacks or beverages complimentary?  Some are even (God forbid) toying with the idea of charging you to use the lavatory!  When you travel, especially with children, it's a good idea to pack your own snacks. Granola bars, cheese sticks, fruit leather and raisins make for healthy snacks that pack well.  Potential savings $10

       5. Buy the insurance for price protection/bag delay/stolen passports

       Think that travel insurance is just a ponzi scheme?  Think again. What happens when your week vacation begins with lost baggage and there you are in the Caribbean with your jeans and NHL hoodie on.  Imagine getting your passport stolen.  How will you fly home without an ID?  And finally, you took my advice and booked early but the fares dropped afterwards.  Without the right travel insurance you won't                                                             see a refund. Potential savings $500

        6.  Don’t get trapped in the Lion’s Den

           Probably the best way to save money on your vacation is to avoid the Lion's Den.  What is this?  This is the place at the airport where people pose as shuttle drivers but what they really are trying to do is deter you from your vacation in an effort to sell you a time share.  Don't think this will happen to you?  On a recent trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, yours truly got roped into this.  Six hours later, two crabby toddlers, one hungry husband and a blessed bottle of celebratory champagne, we signed on the line and found ourselves thousands of dollars in the red along with a legal                                               binding contract that darn near took an act of congress to get out                                                 of.  True story!  Potential savings $35,475.47

Jennifer Maki, Destination Diva at Divine Destinations, cuts through the clutter of online vacation planning and obscure traveler ratings by using her industry expertise, first hand knowledge of the products and relationships with the resort management.  If you want the best vacation with the greatest value: call us at 218/348-2825 or follow us on twitter @4divinedeals


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