Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Economy Comfort; Row 11C

So what does a $49 upgrade get you these days?  Aboard my four hour flight from Atlanta to St Lucia I was able to answer that question.  

Early boarding privileges in Zone 1; had I not been coming in from Timbuktu, I would have made it instead of getting in line with general boarding.  This early boarding should also afford the coveted overhead bin for my carry on, however, see the previous statement.  Once seated, I'm close enough to First Class to see them being offered drinks in glass glasses and taking their made to order food order for later.  Economy Comfort gets a bird's eye view of what we want but weren't willing to pay for.  As my kids would say, seated directly behind First Class makes us First Losers.  

Onto beverage service.  Complimentary spirits for everyone seated in Economy Comfort....well kind of.  IF the seat belt sign isn't illuminated that is.  Sorry, all this traveling and blogging makes me thirsty.  About an hour after take off, the service begins.  Thankfully, the call button isn't too far out of my reach, I'll be calling her by name before we land.  

The biggest reason most people want Economy Comfort is for the 50% more leg room.  To be honest, at my towering height of 60" (hey, it sounds taller than 5') the more legroom is more of a nuisance because I can't reach anything comfortably.  As I type, I have a pillow shoved behind me so I can reach the tray table and I feel like I'm fishing for my bag each time I reach for it.  Unlike First Class, my feet at least reach the floor since the seats are the same size as coach, just a little wider rows.  I was happy to find a fuzzy red blanket waiting for me along with the pillow.  

Also, by being in the front of the plane I am in a better spot in the event we experience turbulence.  Remember how much fun it was riding the back of the school bus as children?  Well, those rules don't apply while flying unless you have a cast iron stomach and fetish for theme park rides; up front is much smoother.  

And my favorite reason for upgrading?  First on means first off and I get to begin my vacation faster than the unlucky ones in row 47F.   Grandma Effie always said Hawaii was Paradise but she never got to experience St Lucia.  I disagree; St Lucia is the Hawaii of the Caribbean, so off to Paradise I go!  

Do you upgrade your coach seats?  If so, what has been your experience?  Do you feel it's worth the extra cost or just another airline scheme to make a few more bucks? 

Jennifer Maki, Destination Diva at Divine Destinations is a St Lucia Specialist and is in the business of making your next vacation a Divine Destination! Contact her for more information direct at jennifer@4divinedeals.com or tweet her @4divinedeals 

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