Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Caribbean Christmas

Christmas came early for us this year! The older I get I realize the cynicism within the Holiday season: I want this, I want that, whine, want and wail all the way through December.  Instead of filling the house with more and more stuff, we've always wanted to instill a sense of gratitude and thankfulness in our children.  It's not easy to do so in the land of gluttony we call USA, but we gave it a shot.  This year we asked the kids if they would prefer a tree full of toys for Christmas or a family vacation.  Hands down, they chose vacation!  

So with that, we chose Beaches Negril as our destination and began packing.  Not just packing our swimsuits and sunscreen, but we packed for a purpose!  The kids collected books from their bookshelves at home to friends' donations and even their school, Winterquist Elementary, library pitched in!  We filled a suitcase full and along with Sandals Foundation, brought it to the kids of Mt Airy school just outside of Negril.  

The day we came they were having a Christmas treat complete with Santa, gifts, cake and juice.  The kids ages 1st grade through 6th grade performed by singing and dancing and in exchange we served them cake, juice and gifts.  We toured their school, media center and library.  In the end, I'm not sure who was more blessed.


As we return home two weeks before Christmas, we are rich in memories of our experience in the Caribbean.  Instead of running around buying gifts and stressing over the right size, color or even gigabytes, we can instead enjoy the season by relishing it, not hurrying through it.  This year we might have extra time for Christmas tea at Glensheen, Bentlyville tour of lights and perhaps a musical! 

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