Monday, July 29, 2013

Duluth Airport (DLH)

As I return from an amazing conference in Hollywood, ok Ft Lauderdale, Florida, I am compelled to share my experience from the newly renovated and extremely enjoyable Duluth Airport!  Many people assume the flights from Duluth are much higher than those being offered in Minneapolis, therefore, they don't even consider the local choice.  I hope my story along with the photos will have you reconsidering your "home" airport for your next departure.

I had an early morning flight so I arrived exactly one hour early since I already checked in online and was simply traveling with a small carry on.  I parked in the lot just a few steps away from the kiosks inside the airport where I printed my boarding pass.  No lines, no kidding.  I proceeded upstairs where I was greeted by a friendly TSA agent and swiftly went through security. No lines, no kidding.  On the other side of security I was able to grab a snack, coffee or even some spirits if I was so inclined; there were options and they were open for business!  No lines, no kidding.  The gate area is very open and airy along with plenty of seating.  The other amenity I noticed were plenty of outlets to plug in and charge up your favorite device.  Not all of the jetway ramps are open, they expect completion before another harsh winter hits the Northland, but for July, it wasn't a bad walk to the aircraft.  After all, I was on my way to Hollywood, eh hem, Ft Lauderdale, Florida! 

Upon my arrival four short days later, it was like deja vou.  The weather was still cool and gray, the airport was still empty and there still were no lines, no kidding!  I parked so close to the airport, I was even able to auto start my car while I waited for my luggage to come down the carousel.  Can you find my car?  Upon leaving, the parking bill was only $30!    

With Delta as their major carrier and hubs across the US, it was an easy trip to Florida; one stop in Detroit and I was surrounded by palm trees and ocean breezes.  United also flies from Duluth nonstop to Chicago and from there, the world is your oyster.  Suddenly, I don't feel so isolated from the world's top destinations anymore.  Also, I'm beginning to wonder why I haven't flown from Duluth more often.  

Let's do the math:
Duluth - Ft Lauderdale $545 per ticket on Delta with one stop in MSP.
Minneapolis - Ft Lauderdale is $387 per ticket on Delta, nonstop service.

But, what else do you need when you fly from an airport almost three hours away?
*Food & Drink
Clearly, those extras can add a few hundred extras in travel expenses not to mention the hassle and stress of road construction or conditions.  As you can see, Duluth is not only a better option for you in terms of convenience, but it makes sen$e to fly from the newly renovated, convenient, friendly local airport.  Remember, the LOCALS love you more!

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