Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's raining, now what? Part #2

Continuing on with the top things to do on your vacation when it rains:

6.  Exchange to other resorts - Depending on your resort, you may have exchange privileges to the other sister properties. This exchange privileges will allow for a variety of dining options, entertainment revues, pools and different atmospheres. Check with your concierge to arrange for the transportations to the sister resorts; many times it is complimentary, but may follow a schedule.

7.  Fitness center - Well, I cant say I utilized ours while I was here, but the facilities are state of the art! Want a fitness profile? Trainer for the day? Need to burn off the unlimited amount of Coronas from the night before? Head to the gym!

8.  Sports bar - This venue proved to be particularly fun! Not only did I find new friends to hang with, but the game was always on and the crowd was lively! It was here I was able to find my favorite American greasy food such as chips, burgers, nachos and pizza!

9.  Dine around - Not to spend so much time focusing on food, but for so many, the value of an all inclusive comes in the fact that everything is included; that means food, beverages, snacks, even the tip! For a day that is particularly long and dreary, why not mix it up a bit by doing the dine around program. Start with a signature drink at the lobby bar followed by an appetizer at the first restaurant. Continue the night by eating each course at a different restaurant and finish up with dessert and a fabulous Vegas style show at the resort's theater. We saw Elvis to Grease to a traditional Mexican revue; all were top notch!

10.  Sleep! - Do you know how relaxing it is to listen to the sound of rain? Coming from Minnesota, listening to rainfall is virtually impossible unless you are absolutely sure there are no rips or tears in your window screens! The Mosquitos that come out with rainfalls are as big as helicopters therefore, many a storm is missed and not enjoyed. We never saw a mosquito or fly or any insect come to think of it while we were in Mexico. Therefore, we slept with the balcony doors wide open and listened to the rain while enjoying the ocean breeze!As we make our final decent back home, I'm filled with great experiences, I'm well rested and I don't have to deal with painful sunburns or scaly skin!

Despite all of this, I had a wonderful time and look forward to my return. This time, I'm taking mi familia so they too can experience the wonderful people, hospitality and experiences of Mexico that I have had the opportunity to enjoy. The Mayan calendar predicts December 21, 2012 not as the end of the world, but a new beginning. If you haven't been to Mexico in awhile, consider this destination for your next vacation. Whether you are dreaming about an adults only getaway or that family vacation with the kids and even Grandma, you will find the perfect location and be treated like royalty by the Mexican people. Need help finding the perfect resort? Give me a call, drop me a line or tweet me a message. Adios, it's time to "shut off all electronics, make sure my seat back is in its upright position and my tray table is stowed".


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