Friday, May 18, 2012

Check please...

So weve been talking about the debate whether to check your bags or carry on. Surprisingly, this last go around on facebook ( showed a unanimous vote to pay the fees and check your bags. As I sit here comfortably checked in, purse stowed and ready for my flight, I'm so glad I'm not "that person"! You know, the one who's dragging on an overstuffed suit case, trying to cram it into the over head bin. And for what? Was it really to save the $20-25 bag fee? Could it be mistrust; fear the airline won't deliver their precious cargo to their final destination? Whatever the reason, I can see the overhead bins are bursting at the seams. The flight attendants have already had their upper body work outs completed by 5:03am! We will be leaving later due to the hassle of stowing bags therefore a missed connection is imminent for some poor soul (hope it's not me; I've got a Mojito with my name on it once I arrive into sunny Cancun!) And honestly, does it really speed much up? Whether we wait for our bags on the carousel or wait for you to stow your bags on the aircraft, it's a horse a piece. So if given the choice , I will opt to lighten up and check my bags! Just remember the rules: under 40#, 3 oz or less on liquids in a clear plastic bag for easy identification and a total of 45 linear inches (14x9x22)

So, as I sit back and enjoy my flight to Cancun, I say, "Adios!" from 35,000 feet!

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