Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wow! Really?

Today the kids went back to school which is the unofficial end to summer and the official start of when Mom’s pick up their school calendars and begin to plan their family vacations during winter and spring breaks.  I know I know, the leaves haven’t even really begun changing colors yet and all the coffee shops haven’t fully embraced the pumpkin-everything season BUT…..those who book their travel early always end up the winners!  One thing that I have been hearing over and over again these past few weeks out of the mouths of the uber organized Mom’s is, “Wow! Really?”  I’ve heard it so much I’ve decided to write a little ditty about it, I mean, if it’s happening so often, chances are you will feel the same once you hear it too!

I know with back to school we have a few more bills this time of the year than others.  New clothes, kicks and of course tech gear can set us back several hundreds, not to mention those sending Jr off to college…#wowsers The idea of dropping another few thousand on a family vacation or even adult escape in the middle of winter (which feels so far away right now, doesn’t it??) can almost seem ludicrous if not downright untimely.  However, as I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, the early bird gets the worm, er, epic vacation.  But did you know that when you book your epic vacation with Divine Destinations you don’t have to smoke your credit card with one large payment?  “Wow!  Really?”  That’s right!  Typically, a deposit of about $200 per person is all you need to lock in your package.  From there, you can make payments as you wish as long as the balance is paid off 30 days prior to departure!  “Wow!  Really?” Talk about a throwback to the days of Lay-Away!  And the best part is when you protect your vacation with travel insurance, you can rest assured knowing you got the best price and value - because if the prices drop or you need to cancel, you will be refunded.  Say it with me, “Wow!  Really?

So the moral of this (real life) story is, the earlier you plan the more flexibility you have in paying for it.  As an added bonus, you generally will have paid the best price too which is more value for you - and that means more money for pumpkin spice lattes or new diggs for the upcoming sweater weather!  

Has the back to school rush left you overwhelmed and exhausted?  Need a little help with planning your next vacation?  Our team of Destination Divas have been there done that and are ready to design your very own Divine Destination!  What are you waiting for?  Click here to get started - let us do the work and all you have to do is pack your bags!

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