Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Alaska? Are You Crazy?

When people are planning their vacations most are booking their dream getaways to an island somewhere with sun and white sand beaches to relax on. Not to many people are thinking of heading to Alaska to get away from it all for their vacation. Alaska gets a bad wrap, it is actually an amazing destination for your next vacation. They have sandy beaches and sunshine too (if you plan right). The scenic views alone are purpose enough to go and spend some time there. You can get out into nature and see what we are missing in all the hussle and  bussle of our day to day lives.

Alaska offers fine dining at places like Crow’s Nest in Anchorage, or Seven Glaciers Restaurant in Anchorage, and as you can imagine there is some spectacular seafood fresh from the area. You can enjoy the animal life on many different tours such as whale watching boat tours for orcas and humpbacks, grizzlies feasting on wild salmon, otters playing in kelp beds or eagles enjoying their freedom soaring high above you.

Nature is the show piece of Alaska. This is one of the BEST places to view the Northern Lights in all their glory and colors. You can take an airplane tour of Alaska and see some of it’s amazing views and scenery. You can even see glaciers melting and crashing into the ocean right before your eyes. If you enjoy camping you can take guided hiking and camping tours as well. This is a place of once in a lifetime opportunities to see and experience things you may never be able to experience again in your life. So remember when booking your next vacation don’t overlook Alaska as a potential to do something awesome!

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