Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why Should We Take An Intentional Time Out!

Time Out's are necessary for health and business!
With Jen Maki

Every good business takes time to check the progress, evaluate goals and strategize for another successful year. A marriage could learn a lot from this practice. It’s called taking an intentional time out. I recommend doing this on a minute once a year but ideally once a quarter for optimal results.

By taking a timeout you are able to recharge. It’s good for your health, gives you a renewed spirit and a feeling of restoration in your relationship. I recommend unplugging during your time out. That’s right I said it! Maybe this is why our grandparents generation divorce rate was so low. They didn’t have constant distractions such as text messages, social media, or pop ads interrupting their dinners or date nights. By getting rid of distractions it will allow you to focus on what's important to you and reconnect with the love of your life.

While unplugged take this time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. By using teamwork to set goals you will have hope and keep you on the path to success. You should also reflect on the fun things you like to do together. Better yet learn a new hobby together. Do you plan to take a European river cruise on your next vacation? Consider signing up for ballroom dance classes. Want to eat your way around Italy? Register for Italian cooking classes or make your own wine. These are simple yet fun adventures to experience together and have shoulder to shoulder time with your spouse that will make them feel loved and respected.

When is the last time you took an intentional time out? Is it time to re-calibrate? Take action now before the warning lights go off and it’s too late.


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