Thursday, August 13, 2015

5 Reasons to Call a Travel Agent For Your Next Vacation W/ Jen Maki

So many times I'm asked, "Do people still use a travel agent?" with a tone in their voice like we're talking about a rotary phone or an 8 track player. No, travel agents aren't dead, however, like everything, some are better than others. In addition, some people still like to DIY, however, this short list will help you decide if working with a travel agent is for you.

Saves Time: Did you know that the average person who books online has spent about 5 hours in research alone? Why waste five hours researching only to end up full of self doubt wondering if you really got the best vacation you were looking for? We all have busy lives and most of us would agree we don't have enough hours in a day already. Do what you do best and hire the rest!

Expertise: I understand it's fun to look at all the options at first, however, anyone can make a picture look good. Have you actually been there to know if that resort is really beach front, or has the photo been edited and truly, the resort is across the street from a heavily populated public beach? I have personally traveled to over 14 countries in the past three years. Chances are, I've been there, seen that, ate that, touched that, experienced that. 14 stamps can't be wrong.

Real Person: This is my favorite. Although the dot com travel agencies have a call center, it's likely "Irene from Detroit with the heavy Indian accent" is not really in Detroit, nor is her name Irene, in fact, she's probably never been to the any of the destinations you are calling about nor can she understand you any better than you can understand her. My clients have access to me 24/7 while traveling in addition to another 800# in case I'm not available. Never will they be stranded, even in the brutal Midwest winters, Volcanic Ash clouds or aboard a defective cruise ship.

They think of the whole package: A great travel agent will encompass much more than just the plane tickets; they will design your entire experience. This doesn't mean you have to book all of these experiences, but how would you know the difference, if they never offered it. You don't fly to Jamaica and stand in line with the hundreds of other people who don't know any better. Instead, you arrive like the VIP you are!

Saves You Money: Did you know that travel agents still have the best deals? It's true. We also know the ins and outs that will save you money. Some agents charge a fee for their Time, Expertise, Human Factor and Total Package. And why not? If at the end of the day they save you time, money and hassle of trying to DIY, they should! Did you know that at Divine Destinations we will gladly price match ANY package you find online and give you a $50 credit towards your next vacation? It's true!


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