Tuesday, May 6, 2014


If you must leave Jamaica, THIS is the ONLY way to do it. 

If you've traveled internationally even once, you know what a circus it can be. Imagine crowds of people from different tongues, a sea of suitcases, sunburnt and dreading the return to home, wherever that may be. There are long lines to wait in and confusion of how to print a boarding pass, it's not a place for the timid and mind you, you haven't even began the TSA screen process!

Enter Club MoBay.  This is a little piece of heaven within one of the busiest leisure airports in the world.  Club MoBay is right before you enter the intrusive TSA lines, after you've dropped your luggage and printed your boarding passes.  The representative will ESCORT you through the lines, bypassing the crowds and saving those precious last few hours of your time in Jamaica. From here they will bring you to a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the airport's fast food eateries and shopping kiosks.  It is here you are welcomed with a warm Jamaican smile and a buffet of appetizers, open bar, wifi and of course, comfy seating areas to watch tv on the big screens. 


This is perfect whether traveling solo or with a group.  Want a massage? Need a shower? It's all here! For a minimal cost, you can have this experience and feel like a VIP as well.  Just announced, Diners Club, certain airline partners and more will be able to access Club MoBay as part of their membership benefits.  In Jamaica, they never say goodbye, they say, "soon come back"!  

Jennifer Maki, Destination Diva for Divine Destinations, has traveled the world extensively from Alaska to Antigua and proudly claims the title as Diva because of her expertise. Life is hard; travel shouldn't be. Call on the expert, or Diva, when you need a vacation.  Jennifer will ensure you'll have a Divine Destination! www.4divinedeals.com or Jennifer@4divinedeals.com @4divinedeals on twitter or faceboook.com/4divinedeals 

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