Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Six Sexy Ways To Spark Your Spouse!

Six Sexy Ways To Spark Your Spouse!
With Jen Maki

What is it with having the word “Sex” in a headline that sparks everyones interest? Well I guess it doesn’t matter you're here now. So let me share 6 sexy ways to spark the romance between you and your spouse. Whether you need a spark or whole damn bonfire!

Do it* on a cruise! A cruise is a great way to see lots of places on one trip. This is a way for you to sample an island or country before committing to a full week in the same place. On a cruise you unpack once and this floating resort magically moves from destination to destination without hassle. A balcony proves to be a romantic retreat at your own private table for to enjoy a glass of wine together.

Do it* on a safari! A safari is a way to get up close and personal with the big 5. In these unique guided experiences you get to see and experience things most people only dream about. For me it’s on my bucket list! Can you imagine a more perfect place to be one with nature and your spouse?  

Do it* through a cultural immersion experience! These immersions are exciting and slightly scary all at the same time. Simply because you are exploring something completely foreign together. What I love about these trips is there are no expectations. Especially when it comes to learning the Austrian Apple Armpit Dance.

Do it* on a tank full! This is the cheapest way to get a quicky in. No seriously think of the hidden treasures within 200 miles of where you live. Stay in a B&B discover hole in the wall restaurants and best kept secrets of that city or town. Save these gems for your quarterly time outs and remember these make great gifts as well.

Do it* adventurously! Tired of the same old routine? Nothing can break you from a rut faster than learning a new skill together. Have an open mind, try new things and ultimately build trust with your spouse. Of course I’m referring to kayaking; what were you thinking?
Do it* for your health and wellness! Have you gotten a little fluffy since you walked down the aisle? Marriage tends to do that. Life gets busy and we become complacent. Learn to take care of yourself through fitness, relaxing and meditation. During your couples massage ask the masseuse how to give a epic back rub. Incorporate candles essential oils and the rest will fall into place.

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