Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5 Reasons Smart Couples Say YES to a Destination Wedding

Affordable Did you know the average wedding cost $29,858 according to CNN Money.  Compare that to the average Destination Wedding at $8k overseas! Cha-Ching!

(Searching for that down payment on your mortgage?  I just found it for you!  You’re welcome.)  Those couples who are on a tight budget and considering keeping the celebration low key to keep costs down should seriously consider a Destination Wedding!  With all the inclusions that come along with a six night stay or longer at most resorts, it’s really a no brainer.  Brides love how they can totally customize their wedding yet still be budget friendly.

Simple The simplicity of planning a Destination Wedding is rarely spoken about.  I get the feeling it’s some sort of rite of passage – if you didn't pour your heart & soul into planning every single detail of your big day, you’re really not in love.  Poo Poo.   Imagine having your own personal Pre-Wedding Travel Planner who is working behind the scenes to ensure your day is perfect before you even arrive.  Then, once you are in destination you then are introduced to your in house Wedding Concierge.  Did I mention there is no cost for this?  That’s right; it’s all included at most resorts, especially here.  I once had a bride who said she felt bad because she didn't get stressed out about the details like her sister and other friends had before her.  The difference? She had a Destination Wedding and all the details were taken care of her!
Unique Have you ever looked through the local marriage announcements or even the wedding magazine and seen the same scenery over and over, just a different couple featured?  Not to downplay or insult the gorgeous venues we have locally, but there comes a time where you just may want to go where others have not gone before you.  A Destination Wedding accomplishes this!  Imagine instead of a dollar dance at the reception you have a fire dancer instead.  Want to forgo the unity candle and do a sand ceremony instead?  It makes more sense to do this on a beach than in the church.  Working closely with your travel agent and PreWedding Travel Planner will ensure your wildest dreams are fulfilled and your style is highlighted throughout your wedding.

Crowd Control There is no better way to ensure crowd control like flying halfway across the country or world to say “I Do”.  Many couples cringe at the idea of having to trim a guest list.  Instead, invite them all and let the guests decide to stay or go.  The average group is 40, however, we've planned over 100 and we did it seamlessly.  Those who decide to forego the wedding will certainly be at the reception you hold post nuptials and you can always play the video there.

Memorable Let’s be brutally honest, shall we?  Tell me what you remembered from all the weddings you've attended in the past?  Hot stuffy church, bad weather, temperamental flower girl, Uncle Joe sneaking vodka all day; oh wait, that was MY wedding. Just kidding, but we have been to *that wedding, right?  My point is, what was so memorable? And really, are these memories you want YOUR guests to have, let alone you?  Let's remember the fact you rented the entire private island for your guests only or the sail away catamaran cruise the day after!  If you want amazing memories, it starts with an amazing plan.

Ready to take the next step?  Click here to get started planning your Happily Ever After, you’ll be glad you did!

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