Friday, April 17, 2015

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Here are the results from our quiz: Is a Destination Wedding Right For You?

If you scored less than 6: Stay home. Marrying away complicates every detail of your planning, and your circumstances may make a far-from-home ceremony challenging, if not downright impossible.
A destination wedding is not for someone who has a large list of must-have guests. It's for someone who wants to spend quality time with the group of her friends and family who chose to join her wherever that may be; her backyard or Bali!  External issues -- VIP guests who can't (or won't) travel, a large must-have guest list or a less-involved groom -- may mean you'll need to decide between eloping at your dream locale or saying I do near your loved ones.

But your personality also comes into play. The complexity of a destination wedding may be beyond the grasp of a not-so-organized bride, while a perfectionist may have a hard time handling the fact that some details will veer from her vision. "If you want that fairy-tale, black-tie wedding with an eight-course meal and lots of exotic details, it's going to be complicated," says Tatiana Byron of 4PM Events in New York City. You'd be better off planning a wedding close to home, where you'll be available to manage every detail to your liking.

The alternative: Hire a travel agent and let her handle the stress.  If you fall in love with specific photos from magazines and you're very particular, you really need to get someone who can help you. A top-notch consultant can make certain that your vision is carried out -- even halfway around the world.  

If you scored 6-10: Venture forth -- but not too far. You have the organizing chops to put together a destination wedding, but to make it simpler for you and your guests, stick with more established locations along easy travel routes. Ask yourself, 'What will my guests be into? How easy will it be to get there?' If you fall in love with a venue that takes three planes to get to, maybe you should just elope.  

Choosing a domestic locale, especially in a popular wedding spot such as California, Florida or Las Vegas, ensures that you'll have access to quality vendors used to working with destination brides. Better yet, you can ‘Test Drive Your Wedding’ so you'll be able to meet with vendors and get a more accurate picture of their capabilities. The people at these locations do weddings all the time, so if you like the way they presented it to you, let them do their thing.

If you scored 10-15: Grab your passport and pick your spot. Experts agree: You're the perfect candidate to wed away. Destination brides tend to be nontraditional, adventurous and open-minded. They want something unique.  Your excellent organizational skills will help you strategize a multiday event, and your laid-back attitude will enable you to have the time of your life, even if a detail (or five) isn't exactly as you'd expected.  It also helps that your friends and family are willing to travel to the ends of the earth to witness your vows -- and that you're excited to spend several days with everyone you're inviting.

Ready to make a move?  Contact Jennifer at Divine Destinations to get started planning your Happily Ever Ever today!  It only takes a few minutes and soon, you will be chillin like a villain knowing your details are being taken care of by a certified specialist and trusted advisor in the wonderful world of romance!  

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