Friday, April 17, 2015

Is a Destination Wedding Right For You?

You and your fiancĂ© are ready to tie the knot. Now comes the big question: What kind of wedding do you want? The idea of a wedding away is appealing to most couples, but is it right for you?  

Here are 5 questions to ask before you commit:
1. The main reason we're considering a wedding away is:
A. We want to slash the guest list without causing a familial civil war.
B. We've both been to a million mediocre weddings and want to do something different.
C. We fell in love with a particular locale on a previous trip.

2. The bulk of our A-list guests:
A. Have never stepped foot outside our home state.
B. Like to travel -- just nothing too exotic.
C. Have multiple inoculations and well-used passports.

3. As a newly engaged couple, our budget for the wedding looks like:
A. Non issue.  I’m Daddy’s Princess and he’s generously footing the entire bill!
B. A bit of a concern since we have student loans and hope to buy a house within 6 months.
C. We’ve been saving for awhile now so as long as all the basics are covered, we’re happy.

4. As a bride, how would I rate my organizational skills?
A. I thrive on chaos and haven't planned anything bigger than a last-minute BBQ.
B. I'm the go-to gal for organizing group plans and have been known to alphabetize my spice rack.
C. I can definitely keep things straight, but I don't freak out if the unexpected occurs.

5. When it comes to wedding planning, my groom:
A. Is pretty easygoing but wants input on a few key details like food & destination.
B. Wants to be involved every step of the way.
C. Just wants to know when and where to show up: The rest is my call.

How did you score?
1)       A-1   B-3  C-2
2)      A-1   B-2   C-3
3)      A-1   B-3   C-2
4)      A-3   B-1   C-2
5)      A-2   B-1   C-3

Click here to see your results and what they say about if a Destination Wedding is right for you! 

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