Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sandals Montego Bay

You know that phrase, "you don't know what you've got until its gone"? That's how I feel about Sandals Montego Bay, or "MoBay" as the locals call it.  Although I had stayed here for three nights earlier this fall, I had no idea what a gem of a property she truly was! I took for granted her abundance of rooms categories from gardens to ocean fronts to Butler Villas, restaurants, private white sand beach and a never ending entertainment venue! So when I returned for a quick 60 minute tour, I quickly recalled how much I had fallen in love with this resort and wished I had realized it sooner so I could've enjoyed it to its full potential! Thank  goodness for second chances; I'm going back soon!

Why would I return AGAIN? Because it's 10 minutes from the airport, the vibe is upbeat yet laid back, the view is spectacular and quite honestly, the diversity of the people is simply too fun not to partake in.  I'm a people watcher, so when I see people from Ireland interacting with folks from Minnesota with the only common denominator being a similar first name, it's fascinating to me. When I can recognize people at the airport a week later from behind because I watched them win a booty shaking contest for a bottle of Appleton Rum, you just have to smile and know you are lucky to have been a part of it all! 

If you are the fun loving type who thrives on diversity, variety and great service that Sandals has come to be famous for, Sandals Montego Bay is for you! It is obvious to me why people return time after time to the island known for its ONE LOVE! 

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