Friday, May 31, 2013

Review of Sandals Carlyle

As one of the smallest resorts in the chain, Sandals Carlyle has less than 100 rooms and sits convienently clost to the famous Hip Strip of downtown Montego Bay. It is here where you can play at Margaritaville and slide down the slide from the bar to the ocean and jump on the water trampolines. Prefer to stay dry hunting for the perfect deal? Go bargain shopping up and down the streets and you are sure to find your treasures for your loved ones back home.

Inside Carlyle you will be greeted by warm smiles and huge hearts who will offer you a refreshing drink and cool lemongrass infused towel to refresh you after a day of traveling. From here you will check into your room which will serve as home base for many. In Montego Bay they have three Sandals resorts so you can stay at one and play at all three. This makes it especially good for those who are movers and shakers and like variety; they can take it all in or do nothing at all and be pampered right here. They have a very upbeat entertainment  staff who will get you learning a new dance move  or simply smiling bigger with their activities and enthusiasm. This property has real charm and a Wall of Fame that features guests who have stayed for more than 35 nights! Here's a short video I took of one guest telling us why she returns to the Carlyle year after year.

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