Wednesday, November 9, 2016

River Cruises Are Rising In Popularity

Have you ever awakened to a new world? Have you ever taken a trip that satisfied your mind, body and soul? Have you ever had a place far, far away hand delivered to you and you to it? Have you ever traveled across a continent without touching a suitcase? Or been on a cruise with endless views?   
Imagine beginning your journey in Amsterdam where a childhood storybook comes to life as you sail through Germany, Prague and even Vienna! Prefer views of castles and vineyards instead? There's an itinerary for that; especially noteworthy would be France! Prefer hops over tannins? You'll love the authentic brew tours throughout Germany and Austria!  What's even better is you can customize your itinerary by adding a few days at the beginning or on the end to see more of Europe your way. Prefer to stick with the schedule? Be sure to take advantage of the cooking classes on board or the lecture about the upcoming highlights at the next port. With exclusive admission to museums or even theatrical performances, there's never a dull moment on your cruise!
River cruises are rising in popularity, and it’s no wonder why. Less passengers, more inclusions, and unpacking once are just a few reasons why people are realizing that river cruising is the best way to explore Europe!  At Divine Destinations, we’re experts in travel, but we think Avalon Waterways are experts when it comes to river cruising. We compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you once you get on board your next  river cruise ship.
  • Get extra closet space by storing your empty luggage under your bed.  More space makes you feel less crowded and more comfortable.  Trust me when I say you’ll want to hang out here and take in the gorgeous view, but with less “stuff” in the way.

  • You can create a name tag when you arrive –  it’s a fun way to get to know our fellow cruisers.  Chatty Cathys unite!

  • Include binoculars in your luggage. There is so much to see along the shores and it’s fun to be able to look at small castle and vineyard details from your stateroom..

  • Port talks and the entertainment are very popular – if you want a front-row seat, we recommend getting to the Panorama Lounge early

  • Don’t forget your included headset for shore excursions – the Local Guides bring the destinations to life with their rich and historical commentary

  • On the last day of the cruise, you can print out a full set of the dinner menus for the cruise – such a fun keepsake to remember all the amazing meals you’ve eaten

  • Is there was a particular dish that everyone loved? Ask your server at dinner and your chef will provide your travel group with the recipe

I would love to talk to you about all of the different River Cruise options that you have for your next vacation. Please give me a call for more information.


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