Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Friends With Benefits

      I know you got excited when you saw the topic title didn't you? Well this is not about those types of friends with benefits. What is more fun than traveling with friends? This is a chance to hang with your best friends in style and comfort whether on a River Cruise or Luxury All- Inclusive Resort.  What better way to share memories and take a break from the stressors of life?

     When traveling with a group there are extra specials inclusions waiting for you because you travel with a tribe.  Private transfers from the airport to the resort are offered to ensure the party begins on the right foot and nobody is left behind.  A welcome cocktail party sets the tone and group dinner reservations ensures nobody misses a thing.  Getting your rooms nearby or even together in a block of Villas could be just the special touch your group needs to connect through a community atmosphere.  Throughout the vacation a commemorative photo shoot will leave you with your own 5x7 to remember your group getaway.

The biggest surprise to most of my groups is the exclusive group discounts I can offer them.  From discounted package rates to free air seats or rooms, the more you have, the more you save.  

To book your next great vacation with friends give me a call. 

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