Saturday, May 21, 2016

The War On Mosquitos; Is It Real?

For many Americans, the fear of Zika has successfully destroyed their plans to take a dream honeymoon to somewhere in the tropics.  I feel just as strongly as the news does to fill your head with fear, except I want to give you a different perspective, one that has personal experience behind it.  

 I’m generally the one with legs that look like I just contracted the mumps AND measles when I return from Jamrock.  In fact, one time I had a guy serenade me with an impromptu song called ‘The Girl With The Polka Dot Legs’ as others leisurely floated down the Martha Brae river, I was swatting like crazy trying not to capsize our little bamboo raft.  That was in November.  Fast forward to today.  I just returned from a two week hiatus in Jamaica, the land I love just as much as their mosquitos love me.  However, something was very different on these last two trips.  I did the same precautions as always: no bananas prior to travel (bugs love the potassium) no fruity hair and body sprays and bug spray instead of cologne; it’s the new body musk.  This is my typical defense that only scratches the surface of keeping the biting buggers away.  However, this time I noticed that I did not need to do this, in fact, I didn’t even SEE a mosquito.  So I asked what they were doing differently.  Turns out, the resorts are responding to Zika and the fear factor of young couples on their Honeymoons that they have decided to spray the grounds twice daily.  This has been incredible.  I can honestly say that I never saw a mosquito the entire trip nor was I ever even bit! 

And then there was last night on my deck.  WOW.  What a stark difference. The mosquitos were like small birds with an appetite like a bear just coming out of hibernation!  They were intense and not giving up, even after 10pm when they generally go to bed with full mosquito tummies.  I gotta say, Zika is everywhere now and from what I experienced in Jamaica compared to my own backyard, if I were concerned about where I’d contract something from a mosquito, it’d be here at home vs abroad.  

So remember, if you know how to repel mosquitos, you'll be fine repelling them anywhere.  Don’t let the hype you hear online or in the news suck the confidence out of you from missing out on what potentially could be the best vacation of your life.  Because quite honestly, that bites!  

If you are ready to talk about your next mosquito free vacation, please reach out to us!  We'd love to help design your next Divine Destination.  Simply drop us a line at or to schedule your complimentary vacation consult, go to and let's chat! 

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