Friday, February 12, 2016

So you want to propose? Proposal Part 2

Four questions a person should ask themselves before popping the big question.
With Jen Maki

There are many places to pop the question. But instead of doing it at a restaurant why not surprise her with a vacation?

1.  Who’s coming? When planning your getaway ask yourself if you want it to be small and intimate or if you would like to travel with a group of friends. There are benefits to both but what is your style? By being just the 2 of you it is easier to keep the secret longer however surrounding yourself with buddies may help keep the jitters at bay.

2. Where will you propose? At diner can be a romantic way especially with a candle light dinner table for 2 on the beach.This set up is private and romantic, but also comes with your own photographer who can capture every single emotion. Prefer to do it with all your friends present? Imagine at the final hole of your golf game you kneel down pretending to pick the ball out of the hole but instead the caddie has stealthily planted the ring in there instead. You ask her to come check it out while bent on one knee while everyone is watching your inner prince charming emerges.

3. How do we celebrate? Assuming she says yes the ways to celebrate are endless. You can sail away on a sunset catamaran cruise, or even a couples massage hand in hand on the beach. Are you more adventurous? Why not go parasailing or do an ATV tour with a local host.

4. How can you help me pull this off? This should be the least of your concerns I have helped others just like you simply said I’ve been there done that my key contacts and I successfully work in tandem to make sure your proposal is a success.

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