Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Simple Ways to Reignite Your Passion

Did you use cliffsnotes in college to earn your PHD? This article can be like your cliffsnotes to a healthy marriage. As they say “Happy wife happy life”.

Write a love note
Open the door
Send text messages
Be supportive
Hire a sitter
Plan a date night
Get her a spa day at her favorite salon
Reminisce about when you first met
Hold hands
Bring her coffee in bed
Make dinner
Surprise her with a weekend away
Wash her car
Pray with her
Say I love you
Renew your vows
Just do something

What are all of these ideas? A tiny list of great ideas to get you started. Each of these if done sincerely and regularly will make her feel cherished, special and shows her you still love her after all these years. It doesn’t have to be big things even a combination of little things can make a big impact in your marriage.

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