Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Say “YES” to the honeymoon

As the late Elvis warned in his hit song “It’s Now or Never”. As I look back over 16 years of marriage and 3 kids I can assure you nothing could be truer. If you don’t take a honeymoon with in the first year of marriage ideally the first month you will find that life gets in the way. You will find that you can’t find the time or the money to justify this right of passage.

You are only newlyweds for a short time. Take this opportunity to revel in the freedom you have during your special time when you are madly in love with each other. The memories you will make during this special trip will be your life preserver you hold on to when the storms of life threaten your union. In addition by making it a priority to take a honeymoon you are telling your spouse they are worth it. It also gets your marriage off on the right foot and sets the standard for the future. By intentionally taking a break from the dizzying deadlines and schedules that a wedding sometimes demands you will appreciate this important opportunity to remember why you said “I DO”. Building this skill early on will create a pattern of putting your marriage first which will serve you well.
You have one shot make it count. When deciding on a honeymoon this is not the time to skimp. While it doesn’t have to land you in the poor house decide what your budget is. If you dream of Hawaii but can only afford Mexico, make it the best Mexico experience your budget affords. This may mean a five night getaway with a butler vs. 10 nights in a standard room. Don’t be that guy who cuts corners by saying, “Just eat a big breakfast, skip lunch and we can share dinner”. This vacation style or attitude does not leave room for romance.


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