Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pack For a Purpose W/ Jen Maki

Did you know outside the golden gates of your all inclusive luxury resort resides a whole other world of it’s own. This year consider giving back to this neighboring community with simple and inexpensive ideas that will be appreciated more than you can imagine.

Carry on bags fly free so instead of packing just for yourself fill them with supplies that could bless those who live where you will vacation.Gather coloring books and crayons from the dollar store school supplies or even simple hygiene products are inexpensive and synonymous across cultures. You can deliver these yourself to the schools or community or ask your maid if she could pass them on for you.

Another fun way to pack for a purpose is packing out grown kid clothes. Instead of dropping these off at drop boxes around town gather them up and deliver them to a family in need. They won’t care if it’s not their color or their sports team they will simply be grateful to have something new. “As they say one mans trash is another mans treasure”.

Do you end up buying a new wardrobe for vacation? If so why not pack last years vacation wardrobe and wear it one last time literally. Although dramatic this idea not only reduces clutter in your closet at the same time it fills someone elses closet and you can fly home with a suitcase full of local treasures verses dirty laundry.

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