Monday, March 30, 2015

An Early Winter Calls For An Early (Spring) Break

So we've been discussing the pros and cons of traveling over the traditional Spring Break week slated by the school schedule.  I've never been one to color within the lines, so, let’s see what happens when you take the kids out of school for vacation: I will use my family as an example.  

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Conquering fears through SCUBA certification!
Bartering for braids on the beach
with Miss Lady Pink Hat
I have two in Elementary and one in High School. This year with 2:3 kids having access to homework on their iPads and the 3rd grader getting a pass to, "go have fun, we'll catch up later", we did!  With a two hour commute to Minneapolis and four hours on the airplane to Turks & Caicos, they had plenty of time to get in their required reading minutes.  While out shopping at the local market, they were able to use not only social skills but math skills while they bartered and made change.  They journaled and wrote postcards to Grandmas.  I have to admit, they probably got in more Phy Ed then they do in a month between snorkeling, walking the beach, jumping the waves, swimming, beach volleyball, pickup basketball games and more!  And the lesson I'm most proud of is the one they learned while getting certified as SCUBA divers: how to conquer your fears!  Once they learned how to breath like fish, down they went to explore under the sea like Nemo.  Down there they saw dolphins, turtles, coral reef, variety of sharks and much other squirmy sea life that would've sent me to the top like a cork but not them - they continued to breath, explore and take mental and digital pictures of their findings.  To experience this through the eyes of my 12 year old, click here!  They learned about being responsible and independence through access of walkie talkies and curfews.  Dad even slipped a talk in there about boys before our preteen went out to the beach party.  All in all, after a week of absence, the only subject to be “made up” was band practice.  And although they weren't graded on their subjects they were doing without a lesson plan or in the classroom setting, I give them all an A+.  Not because they’re my kids, but because I have seen how they've been stretched and grew from being immersed in real life experiences.

They say the world is a book and those who don't travel only read one page.  How many chapters do you want to read with your family before your kids are grown and gone? 

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