Sunday, October 5, 2014

4 Ways to Get to Your Resort in St Lucia

How do you get to your resort in St Lucia? Let me count the ways:

One can get to their resort about as many different ways as there is to serve Piton beer, but there are more common ways than others. 

First of all, if you want to be like everyone else, then take the shuttle service to your resort.  Most higher end resorts offer this as part of the package for no additional fee. This is a great economical way to see the island en route to your destination while also meeting some of the people you will also most likely see at dinner and around the pool.  Be nice.  You most likely will be here at least seven days. 

Second is the private car transfer.  This is my favorite because the driver is so chatty.  He will tell you the history of the island, the culture, the resort and even his family if you ask.  They are the most friendly people and the safest island in the Caribbean. With a private car transfer you can stop for photo opportunities and even grab a local beer, Piton, or a road side stand for Roti, cassava cake or even homemade bread. 

The most adventurous way would be to rent a car.   This is not for the timid as they drive on the opposite side of the road with their steering wheels on the opposite side as well.  Oh yeah, and I never saw a street light or even a stop sign while I was there either.  Imagine the confusion an American would have; especially an American who refuses to ask directions.  Enough said.

Lastly, and the most coveted way to get to your resort, would be through the private helicopter transfer.  I love booking these as surprise add ons for Honeymoon clients!  Generally one spouse books it as a surprise for the other, but this is a super way to see the island both interior and aerial in about 15 minutes vs 90+ minutes.  Once your helicopter lands at the airport near the northern side of the island, you will be met by a private driver who will take you the rest of the way. Remember, if you choose this mode of transportation, your luggage will follow you about three hours later by car.  This is the ultimate way to begin your vacation, Honeymoon or special escape whatever the occasion.  

When booking your trip St Lucia, be sure to book with the expert, or Destination Diva, Jennifer at Divine Destinations!  
Jennifer specializes in romance travel and everything Caribbean.  Next time you need to escape, remember, we know because we've been there and done that.  Let us guide you to the right destinations through our passion for the destination and our expertise. 


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