Saturday, August 2, 2014

Radisson Blu downtown MSP

On a recent midsummer evening, before taking in one of the all American past times, a Twins baseball game, I had the pleasure of checking in to the brand new Radisson Blu in downtown Minneapolis. What a beauty she is! The warm smiles and welcoming attitudes of the front desk staff quickly softened the modern and cool edges of the contemporary lobby. As I made my way to my room I was in awe of the attention to details. It was suspenseful riding in the elevator as I anticipated what my room would look like. Upon entering my room I immediately let out an "OMG!" this place is amazing!

The bathroom was larger than one needed, but as a woman, I appreciated the extra space and even the cute little stool in the shower for shaving. 
The bedroom was secluded by a wall giving privacy yet still being somewhat open and airy; almost a loft living experience.
The bed was amazing with the variety of pillows, high quality linens and the cool color scheme made it easy to melt away to dreamland.
The separate living room was nice too as there was plenty of seating for pre game libations or if you had a few emails to catch up on, you could at the desk via the hotel's complimentary wi-fi. Looking out the window, I was a mere two blocks away from Target field making this location a must for games, concerts or other festivities happening in the area. Because I drove in from northern Minnesota, I was happy to drop my car with the valet. It was fast, professional and uber convienent.
Although my morning began quite early I wasn't able to take advantage of the Fire Lake restaurant, but from what I saw, this place would be a great location for a small group to hang out before an event or even grab a cozy corner table with someone to just hang out and take in the ambiance.

They've knocked it out of the park with this renovation! Overall, I give this hotel a 10:10 for location, service, amenities and comfort. Don't even bother with the others. When you want new, think Blu; Radisson Blu.

Jennifer Maki, Destination Diva at Divine Destinations, cuts through the clutter of online vacation planning and obscure traveler ratings by using her industry expertise, first hand knowledge of the products and relationships with the resort management.  If you want the best vacation with the greatest value: call us at 218/348-2825 or follow us on twitter @4divinedeals

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