Monday, January 6, 2014

What is a Diva & Why Do I Need One?

A Diva is an expert in what they do.  The Divas at Divine Destinations are EXPERTS in designing your happily ever after handling all of the frustrating details of planning your Destination Wedding or Honeymoon.  We are an Award Winning Agency, Certified Specialists and trusted by many brides.  95% of our business is referrals which should tell you to trust the Divas to design your happily ever after…you’ll be glad you did!

What Does a Diva Do?
  • ·         Divas design your dream Destination Wedding or Honeymoon
  • ·         Divas save you hours of research & 2nd guessing by ensuring the perfect match for you & your beloved
  • ·         Divas save you money since the Divas have the best value & packages in the industry
  • ·         Divas have connections ensuring you are treated like the VIP you are through upgrades, amenities & other values you won’t get on your own.
You wouldn’t go to a dentist to treat a broken arm; why in the world would you consider planning the most important day of your new life together on your own or worse, with Mr. Internet? Trust the EXPERTS.  The Divas at Divine Destinations are only a call or click away.  We’ll look forward to working with you to make your Destination Wedding or Honeymoon more memorable and stress free than you ever imagined possible!


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